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  1. John

    Ed This is John Wilson, glad to see all of your accomplishments, we are still in Sacramento and Jeff Will will be competing in a salomon race on Sat 8/30/14 in El Drorado Hills. Sachi & I are going to watch.

    • Ed Nadalin

      Wow! John! Holy SK8!

  2. Kevin Strick

    Hi Ed, My name is Kevin Strick. Rad little nook of the web you got here. I found your site through the "You know you're from Old School Mission Viejo If..." Facebook group. There was a post that linked to your El Toro "The Tunnel" article which was awesome; I'm curious as to what the cross streets are so I can see if I can find my way there. I've been skating since around '86 or so; whenever the first few Bones Brigade videos came out. Anyhow, I also saw that you work in Post-Production and wanted to inquire a bit more. I am also a video editor and love doing skate and music videos. I'm a child of the 80's; MTV was my babysitter. Anyhow, I just wanted to say Hello :) Peace.

    • Ed Nadalin

      Hi Kevin, We can arrange a more private connection for digging in to the video editing. Let me know if I can reach you through your gmail account!

    • Ed Nadalin

      Hi Kevin, Sorry for the super long delay in getting back to you. I have been trying to transfer my website to a new server and it's really hanging me up, I'm not a very experienced website Admin! Currently I work from home whether it be managing my website or editing a video or documentary.Which brings me to your comment about being a video editor, maybe you can send me some links of work that you have done. The "tunnel" in El Toro is long gone but the land has still not been developed into a social media center etc ;-) Look me up on Facebook, let's get connected..!

  3. Ed Nadalin

    Got it! Thanks...

  4. Ed Nadalin

    Hello Marissa, So sorry about the delayed reply. Ever since Chris passed away I haven't payed much attention to updating or developing my site. Please email me with any ASAP messages.

  5. your son (kai)

    Love you, just got on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. kAi

    good one ed kai

    • Ed Nadalin

      Thank you my Dear Son! Keep on Rolling!

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