Back in 1975, as a virtually unknown skateboarder,
I moved to 3rd St. in Huntington Beach, just off the Pacific Coast Highway near the “pier”
and around the corner from the Golden Bear nightclub.
My landlord was Dave Dilberg, a local surfer and skateboarder who was known
as a Hi-speed downhill speed monster who later appeared and competed
in the Signal Hill Downhill speed competition in Long Beach…
Here he is calmly mowing the lawn that was just outside my front door.

3rd street-Dave Dilberg

I would practice near Lake St. and sometimes under the H.B. pier day after day.
I eventually caught the eye of several surfers, all locals from Huntington Beach. They would turn out to be my first sponsors as an Amateur skateboarder. One was Steve Boehne of Infinity Surfboards, the others were Dan Walters and Henry Larrucea (inventors of what would soon be known as Speed Spring Trucks & Power Paw wheels…) When Henry and Dan saw me they approached and asked if I wanted to go and see a new prototype of wheel and truck they were working on.They ended up being one of my first official sponsors together with Infinity and together,in 1975, they entered me in my first competition;
The HANG TEN WORLD PRO-AM at the L.A. Sports Arena.

Infinity Ad


Having earned a 1st Place in that competition gave Power Paw/Speed Spring
a chance to scoop me up for good and give me my first chance of being showcased in a magazine.
They threw together a full page ad (Skateboarder Magazine-Winter issue 1975)
that featured me on one of their newly assembled boards. I had scraggly hair,
was dressed in a pair of non uniform street shorts, an ordinary t-shirt and of course no shoes.

+1975 first Ad for Power Paw- Speed Springs


I was then given the opportunity to help develop and design a prototype board
that eventually became a signature model .

+1975 prototype board for Power Paw speed Spring



The next year in 1976 I had the honor of teaming up with the iconic and world famous Russ Howell
to promote the Power Paw Wheels, Speed Spring Trucks and each of us with a signature board.

Russ Howell and I &Limo



Ed holding tight

The Sponsor was enthusiastic to have us both to promote their new product,
but in their enthusiasm they published an important ad with Russ’ last name spelled wrong!
Jeez!! How could they have overlooked that!?


…and my feet would never be the same either…

Sponsors were important to have and a few companies
were more than happy
to furnish clothing or shoes.
In my case since my feet were taking a grinding VANS came through

and would supply me with footwear so I could cushion my soles on occasion.

Barefootin' !

Barefootin’ !


After competing and doing well in various contests throughout 1976 I was invited to climb “on board” with Hobie to team up and tour the United States and Europe with the likes of
Mike Weed, Skitch Hitchcock & Bob Skoldberg.

hobie team poster 3B

hobie team poster 2B

hobie team poster1B


(Below) The Hobie Team relaxing in Florida – Jul 1977:

(Left to right)

Mike Weed, Bob Skoldberg, Myself (with shoes), Steve Shipp, Skitch Hitchcock

+Hobie Jul 1977 Florida

Hobie Skateboards Logo

Hobie Skateboards business card