Photo by Jeff Ruiz 1947-2012

Whatever is within these posted pages I’d like to thank Chris Yandall who gave me the space and tutoring so I could try to organize my skateboard history. This part of my eDweb is called “SkateD”, a sort of scrap book full of  my skateboard memorabilia. No one has really believed in me or taken much notice quite like Chris has to help me get this far to try and organize it all except Russ Howell who has always been a great help through the years by giving me a space on his site where I could freely try to post not only updates about skateboarding but also about myself and my life. I never really took advantage of that opportunity very much but I am grateful for Russ’ help, encouragement, generosity and friendship: What a great guy!

So here I am rolling out memorabilia from my grassroots of skateboarding which branches out to fill my tree of life. I have been SkateD.