The Tunnel, 1975 (El Toro, California)

This was a solo shoot in 1975  at “The Tunnel” in El Toro, California with the photographer Jeff Ruiz (1947-2012) . He shot everything in black and white hence the greyscale of the pictures below. The tunnel was one of my favorite cruising grounds for an adventure in bank riding, to get away from the Huntington Beach Pier and mainly to branch out from flatland freestyle a bit. This location turned out to be the backdrop for much of the short documentary “The Magic Rolling Board” shot by Jim Freeman (may he rest in peace and live in eternity’s sunrise 1944-1976). 


Ed The Tunnel composite 1

+Ed The Tunnel master 2AA

+Ed The Tunnel master 2CC

+Ed The Tunnel master 2BB

And here lays The Tunnel today, the wizard has faded away in to the broken concrete
and his ghost wanders through the now empty neighborhoods…
(I’d like to thank my friend Jim Voelkl for his research to help me find The Tunnel’s remains.)

Tunnel 2

The Tunnel- Google Earth 3-7-2011

+Ed The Tunnel master 3CC

+Ed The Tunnel master 4B

+Ed The Tunnel master 3B