The Magic Rolling Board 1976

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“Back in 1976 Bill Bennett, the head of MacGillivray-Freeman Distribution Company, knew it. “Hey, we’ve got to produce a dynamite skateboard story for ‘Five Summer Stories’.” Although everyone liked the idea, there was no time but after two months of endless effort, skateboarding became part of “Five Summer Stories Plus Four”— skateboarding, involving combinations of the most bizarre elements of wheeled riding, with some of the hottest performers: Nadalin, Alva, Sims, Waldo Autry, Mike Weed, Skitch Hitchcock, Guy Grundy, Steve Shipp, Mike Johnson, Roy Jamieson, and Edie Robertson. The day-to-day filming took the usual MacGillivray-Freeman format of dawn to dusk… “


“Now the sport has its roots does surfing and skiing, but it is much more flexible: no need for waves or snow here. Find a slope or slab of concrete, and you’re off on a ride that parallels the other two free rides, but in some ways has more potential for future performance development.”








“This story brings forth every expression of skateboarding,

providing a wild magical ride on a rolling board.”

MRB flyer3b

Getting some air.


“Jumps form an integral part of skateboarding-man has always loved the feeling of freedom of air,

whether it be jumping a cornice on skis, or a mountain with a hang glider.”

MRB flyer2b

Skitch Hitchcock gets some air.


“Much of the footage in the “Five Summer Stories” new story

was exposed by special MacGillivray Freeman cameras.”

MRB flyer1b

 Jim Freeman aims the high speed slow motion Mitchell camera.


Brad Ohlund lining up the Jim Freeman’s high speed slow motion Mitchell camera with a fish-eye 3.5mm lens.


Guy Grundy_B

Camera strapped on Guy Grundy’s downhill board


Cal Pro team in Ventura B

Camera mounted on board to catch California Pro Team


Waldo Autry-Pipeline_B

Jim Freeman films Waldo Autry at the Pipeline





Five Summer Stories Plus Four

Five Summer Stories Plus Four Promo shots:

Jim Freeman shot these from the back of his Jimmy Jeep in Laguna Hills.
aerial fall

Promo shot for the “The Magic Rolling Board” – Downhill run in Laguna Hills.Promo shot MRB downhill

Promo shot for “The Magic Rolling Board”– the Tunnel in El Toro.

Promo shot MRB the Tunnel in El Toro