Featured Skateboarder with Russ Howell

Russ Howell has been a great friend and has helped me through the years by giving me a space on his site where I could freely try to post not only updates about skateboarding but also about my life. He and I shared many good times being sponsored by Power Paw and there was always a mutual respect between the two of us whether we were in a competition, performing or doing a demonstration together.

Russ Howell and I &Limo

I can quote Russ as saying, “As I look back on the years involved with skating, the greatest treasures are the friends encountered along the way. Although I never made any money from any product that bore my name, I am much richer for riding through Life on a skateboard”.

Skate Forever!

Check out Russ Howell’s Website  and navigate your way through his wealth of history and information regarding skateboarding. It has some fun stuff and famous quotes to wet your appetite too.