Cloud Appreciation (CloudeD)

This part of my eDweb is called “CloudeD”.

On occasion I think everyone should have their head in the clouds!
A cloud is a large collection of very tiny water droplets or ice crystals.
The droplets are so small and light that they can float in the air!
One moment you see a cloud, then after the blink of an eye it has floated away
and transformed, never quite the same as before…and
that’s why I try to capture those special moments with photographs…
My passion for clouds was fueled by my friendships with Jim Freeman and in particular with Spyder Wills.
(You can see my tributes to both of them here on my website under the “Other Interests” menu).
Heads up with eD!

A few interesting sites:

The Cloud Appreciation Society

Clouds 365 Community


Clouds for Kids

Enchanted Learning – Clouds

And here is one last site that young Alexa sent me from Teresa Spivey’s Digital Lab STEM workshop: Become a storm spotter

Here are a few samples of the clouds that I have captured…(click to enlarge)!