Freestyle Symposium (1977)

This Freestyle Symposium was published in April 1977, Vol.3 No.4 of Skateboarder Magazine

“Freestyle. The name itself says it all.
Within the boundaries deemed necessary for competitive fairness,
the skaters are free to perform in whatever style suits them.
Historically, freestyle has been the number one event; consequently, the showpiece of the sport.”

The Skateboarders interviewed were:
Steve Cathey
Jay Adams
Stacy Peralta
Jim McCail
Mike Weed
Laura Thornhill
Curt Lindgren
Doug “Pineapple” Saladino
Ty Page
Robin Logan
Paul Hoffman
Mark Bowden
Bruce Logan
Desiree Von Essen
Bryan Beardsley
Ellen O’Neal
Bruce Walker
Skitch Hitchcock
Gregg Weaver
Ellen Berryman
Torger Johnson

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